Our Mission

To be outstanding financial “coaches” for small business owners, entrepreneurs and high-net worth individuals; providing proactive financial, business and tax advice on which decisions can be based.

Our History

It's easy to see how this started-- years ago Tom's parents immigrated to this country from Croatia when Tom was four years old. They each took jobs working hard to save money and open their own business. Tom's family was in the grocery business for over 20 years, the majority of Tom's life.

Wanting to instill their same love of entrepreneurism in Tom, as a 12 year old they gave him a section of the grocery store to manage, something he understood, the cereal section. Tom handled ordering, customer service, accounts receivable, and cleaning. It's easy to see how Tom's introduction to entrepreneurism and accounting at such a young age, has translated to his life-long passion to help others succeed in their business and financial goals.

Founded in 1995 in downtown Portland, Tom has grown this company substantially. The firm has moved four separate times, but not moving more than a five mile radius from its original location.

Most recently, the firm changed its name from Tom Dragicevic, PC to something that encompassed the group of professionals that make up "the team" we have. In 2009, the firm underwent a name change and aesthetic makeover to become TD Consulting Group, PC.

Tom's passion for helping people, clients, and staff coupled with his knowledge and expertise, has led TD Consulting Group and its staff to where it is today. In 2010, TD Consulting Group officially was named as a 'next generation accounting firm'. With this declaration, TD Consulting Group will be making large strides in becoming a technologically advanced firm, that will endeavor in industry leading technology and help pave the way for all accountants and business professionals to make the technological jump.

The firm has come a long way from Tom's business vision 30 years ago in the cereal aisle to a CPA firm assisting and servicing more than 600 clients that range in distance from the same building we are in, to half way around the world.